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random tea quote

“Computer… Tea, Earl Grey, hot.” [Jean-Luc Picard] Advertisements

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Zisha Clay Factory No.1

Not exactly a pleasant day to go for a walk or to do any sightseeing, but since there was a power-outage all morning we went out anyways to see Zisha Factory No.1 There are 2 entrances to it, both guarded. … Continue reading

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wild tea

It’s QingMing 2011 and we went out to have some fun. We visited a water-reservoir and walked around enjoying the sunshine. All in all a nice day already, but on our way back I was thinking about tea. To have … Continue reading

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Chái Lín Jūn’s 2011 harvest

I finally managed to visit Chái Lín Jūn’s tea-farm just 2 days in of this years harvest. Here an impression of, no, not the high quality tea they produce there, but of the rubbish that was deemed unfit and discarded … Continue reading

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