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2011 Yixing Tea Harvest

This year the tea harvest started a bit later due to the weather conditions but now finally it’s time. For one reason or another I still didn’t manage to go visit Chái Lín Jūn’s tea-farm to take some pictures despite … Continue reading

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More on Yixing clay

The other day I wrote that I’d post some impressions of Yixing clays, so here we go. We visited a local (and official) clay factory. Its name is 亨利陶瓷厂(Hēnglì táocí chǎng) and they are a supplier XuJianQing uses(not exclusively though). … Continue reading

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One more Dragon Kiln

just a few days ago I wrote I’d like to go and have a look at another dragon kiln if you knew where one is. Well, since then my wife and I found another one ourselves. The Wuxi Institute of … Continue reading

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