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How zisha clay teapots are made [part 3]

After having given the pot some rest we are now ready to continue where we left off.

Since our pot is still completely closed and has neither nozzle nor handle it is now time to attach them. Holes are punched which later allow the tea to pour out as well as hold back the leaves. The prepared nozzle is placed over the newly punched holes and aligned with the handle.

A bit smoothing out the edges and corners, looks good.

Now, all that is left to be done is to cut where the lid will go and to remove excess material.

The tool to cut out the hole for the lid can later be used to cut a piece for the lid itself which will fit exactly. Our pot is ready, it just needs to dry out for a while and off it goes to the oven.

I hope you enjoyed reading about how to make a zisha teapot. The hands in these last posts are not mine and neither is the pot, so in one of the next posts I will show you how a teapot looks like if one already knows how its done but is as clumsy as myself 😉
Stay tuned to see the result of my first pitiful attempt at making a zisha clay teapot.

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